tathrarchy (part one)

this term was coined by my friend shaun, it refers to a world run the way i want it to be run.
it involves sustainable economies, compassionate and benevolent human interaction and a culture of personal responsiblity. this is my vision of an ideal world and a jestful and verging on hypocritical way of implementing it, cuz i believe in self determination, and i would never impose my ideas, i can only advocate strongly for them, but in a tathrarchy, my ideologies would be in practise and accepted. (oh the possibilities!) This is my fantasy world…

Public transport would be the most popular way to get around and rail would be the most common way to transport goods. as a result the air would be clean and climate change would be ameliorated. If tathrarchy were implemented tomororw and all the transport infrastructure were in place it would still take 100 years to stabilize the climate and bring the CO2 concentrations back to pre industrial levels.

On the roofs of bulidings and homes are a combination of solar panels and food gardens, rainwater collection tanks are built into the corners of all buildings. Conservatoin and reuse are fundamental principles that foster innovation and creativity in comunities. (more on this in part two)

People are responsible for themselves and their neighboors well being, people care about eachother and when someone ask how you are, you know they actually care, and you tell them honestly how you are doing at that moment. When conflicts arise, nonviolent communication methods are used to resolve them, the method is taught in schoools, resulting in fewer conflits, gangs cease to exist because young people feel included in their community. Thier opinion is sought when decision are made. They work with elders to provide council on community matters. Opportunities for full expression of frustration, anger and rage are available in every school and community centre. Catharsis rooms dedicated to this purpose have a variety of expressive options.

Some have clay for creation and destruction purposes, some have padded walls, pillows and foam bats, some have wall covered in paper or canvas with paint, charcoal and pens, one (age restricted) room has wooden walls with a supply of nails and hammers. These rooms allow people to express their negative emtions without taking their anger out on others or letting the emotions get pent up. As a result stress bassed illnesses virtually evaporate.

People work for love, not money because all their physical needs are met through the community. People choose to live together as a way to connect with others. Few live on their own and those who do are respected for thier choice. Everyone has a hand in making community hapen and ensuring the systems work, that people are all fed an housed. Families and chosen families eat together during the week and on weekend local feasting occurs in conjunction with regional councils to disscuss issues of importance to neighborhoods and other geographic areas.

People have found a balance in the way they live with eachother and in their relationship to the natrual world. Challenges exist as they do in any system but people feel empowered to take responsibility for thier actions and are part of decisions made that affect them.

These are the initial ramblins of the tathrarachy. stay tuned for part two…


at last a space for me to ramble on tangentially as i do!
Thanks to mr ashley for this fantastic opportunity, you’re the best!

here i will release random thoughts into the cybersphere and provide my friends with a way to keep connected to what’s going on for me, providing an alternative to those mass email updates.

i can only speculate how it will turn out, what it will be come, i imagine this weblog will take on a life of her own, and i will endeavor to refrain from using tangent primarily as a vehicle for venting.

la la la, whoo hoooooooooo!