this moment

i counted 7 species of birds fluttering about my urban dwelling

fuel prices reach $1.26 per litre and $64 a barrel, the fossil fuel addicts begin to twitch

many rural Victorian children see snow for the first time, and some of their parents marvel that snow never comes to the coastal towns of Victoria

a few days later is 16 degrees but i can’t enjoy it because my sore troat-turned-chest cold has moved to my chest and going from the kitchen to the living room leaves me out of breath

is the weather a result of climate change in action?

the echoes of the Millenium Ecosystem Assessment Report lingers in my mind: “ongoing degradation in 15 of 24 major ecosystems will threaten human well being”

FUCK! tears stream down my face in despair
what about the impact on the wellbeing of all the non-human beings in those ecosystems?

I stretch my sadness to a reminder of one of the things that inspires me
the song of the frog, celebrating the joy of clean water
helps me feel glad to be alive in these dark times
reminds me to raise my voice, not stand idly by while humanity unconsciously treads toward our own peril

what can i do with what i know?
who am i to say that so much of what i see just feels wrong?
who am i to be silent!?!
if i believe we will not survive what is the impact of these fears? where will the energy of these thoughts end up?

if i believe another way is possible, to realize a liveable future, a life sustaining co-operative, equitable and just civilization, i must act on that belief

what is the greatest threat to our survival?
apathy, indifference, disempowerment
can i impact the shift? can i help make it happen?
how can i not?
it’s aready happening