River flow

Riding along the river allows me a connection to the natrual ebbs and flows of the hydrology of my commute to work. I get to see how high or low the river has become in a given time period. The other day after a few dry days beyond a big rain, i noticed that the river was very high in the morning (9am) and very low when i went home in the evening (10:30pm). The next day i went with my new boss to the xmas lunch of the department i am sorta working in, he’s a commuter cyclist too, we were talking about the river, he said it’s impacted by the tides and that probably accounted for the drastic change i noticed. More likely than my speculation of evaporation or significant water use from a dam or reservior or a combination of factors. Emma thought it might be from the very hot days inspiring lots of air conditioner use and drawing on water from that. It could be all of these things. I know the moon wasn’t full cuz that was a couple of weeks ago but the tides may still have a dramatic affect. I’d also fantasized or speculated about a possible connection between the height of the river going from one end of the scale to the other, being related to climate change. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, it’s hard to say. But when my new boss said it was affected by the tides, my reliance on all the other things diminished some. I don’t need to know the cause precisely and it only adds to the body of knowledge i’m developing on what might influence the swells and ebbing of the mysterious Yarra River i’ve become atuned to.

a year already

It’s been a year already since i’ve been in Oz! i’m sending out a big update to everyone, it was January since i sent the last one! Seems insane, it went so slow to start with and now time just keeps speeding up! My life has changed so much, who i am has changed to much.

I finally bought a copy of ‘What the Bleep do we Know’ yesterday! Watched it with Emma last night, thougth her scientific mind would be intrigued but she was looking for concrete evidence. Maybe she’ll get more out of it the second time, it was my 6th time seeing it. Totally affirms my life and especially since i did the Landmark Forum. It’s like the ‘how to’ version, how you can create your life and get freed up from past crap that you didn’t know was running your life.

Be skeptical all you like, i was but i’m much happier now, having given up my skepticism, i still have doubts about Landmark and there’s stuff i don’t like but i don’t let it spoil the rest of my experience, just like how my relationship is with some of my family memebers, they may have different and way more conservative and ultimately right-wing values from me but doesn’t mean i can’t love them for who they are as humans and as kin. Nor do they condemn me for being gay or left or a greenie even if they have a fundamentally different perspective or lifestyle.

I realized how much time i spend looking for whats wrong, man does that take up a lot of energy and zap my vitality. And living in that headspace sucks, it’s no fun, i don’t want to wallow in that, i want to soar. I was so invested in being right about everything else being wrong that i didn’t even think of what it would be like to get beyond that state of mind.

The impact on my activism has been great, especially my experience with Stillness in Action in combination of what i got from doing the Forum, i don’t have to be so focused on how fucked things are, i can accept that and move on to making a difference, articulating my vision and taking action. Like doing the Peak Oil Workshop. More on that another time.

Anyway this tangent is taking away from getting that update out, chances are you were directed from there to here, so it’s a done deal by the time you’re eyes are cast on these words.
Ah the nebula!

PS if you want other links on Peak Oil, or some on Landmark let me know, wikipedia has a balanced treatmen of it and this is my fave, go to adventures #2, and do check what #1 is.