New Bike

Yes it’s been way too long… Although i’ve been thinking of blogables the last while, this is the first time i’ve actually put words to the page.

So i got a new bike on the weekend! Sux that it was to replace one that was stolen from the front of our place but i quickly turned it into a positive and asked my community to support me. I said i was accepting donations to the Bike Replacement Fund, raised nearly $500! It was so beautiful to have the generosity of my freinds and family demonstrated so fully! It also made me realise that i’d been comparing what i had built in Victoria after 12 years to the commuinity i’ve been developing here. Silly! I haven’t even been here two years so i’m doing well. Still feels like a big effort to generate at times but i’m pretty busy so it could be worse.

So i went and got the bike on Saturday, was torn between getting another ‘comfort bike’ with seat and front suspension and one that is faster and more durable, I opted for the Kona Dew, as suggested by a couple of bikey friends. Got a rack and lights put on it, so went to pick it up the next day, Sunday, got my gear on, walked out the door, and it started to hail. There was a tram at the terminus and i was not going to let the weather keep me from getting the bike! It would be a couple of weeks before i could pick it up again. Next weekend Emma and i are going on a Footy Trip (her team won the grand final for the women’s league, time to get away and celebrate).

So the hail was coming down hard and growing in size, looked amazing as it hit the ground, making jagged and perfect geometrical shapes. Made me think of how i think of nature as being all round and soft, i love it when i get surprised by that kind of thing. Challenges my notions of the nature of nature!

I got off the tram one stop past where i should have but i didn’t care, i was on my way to get the bike and it didn’t matter that i was soaking wet! i knew i could have a nice hot shower when i got home. And of course when i finally got out of the bike shop it stoped raining on the way to get some kanagroo meat for dinner. Kangaroo is much eaiser on the land than beef, a more sustainable choice for animal protien, we eat it about once a week. A friend was coming over for dinner, hadn’t had roo before. Glad it decided to stop raining as i was heading that direction.

I’m really glad to have a bike again, back the saddle after a few months, so i can get my saddle back into shape! My pants have been a bit tighter of late, the bike will be a good remedy for that and bulid my lung health back up. Was pretty nackered after work today but glad to be biking!

Met Emma’s parents sister and grandmother today, they are on their way to Queensland to visit thier other daughter. I’d never met any of her family, they are all from Mildura, an agricultural area in the north west of the State of Victoria, about 600km from Melbourne. They grow grapes tho the wine industry is in a glut and the market not so good. Sounds like a very fertile area, they also have avacados, apricots, peaches, nectarines, strawberries, asparagus… Emmas mom brougth us down an asparagus plant. Put it in the ground, wait two years and you’ll have it for 20 yrs! Ok that’s all for now. More soon, i promise!