Seeds2 a success

Dancing with a sunbeam – Simon

This is from the Seeds2 event at Palookaville. It was a really fun afternoon. Great people, great music and this special treat from my cousin, simon. Emma said “I could watch him dance all day.”

I would have liked a few more people but what we lacked in quantity we made up for in quality. We raised close to $600 and we didn’t even do all the auction items! Part way thru, Simon offered dancing lessons/body awareness sessions that were a hot item!

Thanks to all who contributed, financially, musically, with the auction and creating the day. Much appreciated. I think i’m about 97% of my goal!

Weather note: 25 mms in the rain gague and it’s cold AS! Can’t wait to get over to some warmer climes! 12 days to departure!

Seeds 2 Fun-raiser Sunday July 15 @ Palookaville 214 Brunswick St Fitzroy

Please come to this community building and fund raising event! Join me and the crew on Sunday arvo July 15 at Palookaville to raise funds to send me to represent Australia at Seeds for the Future2 What: Seeds2 Fun-raiser arvo of entertainment and auction, and possibly Joanna Macy ‘s Milling activity When: Sunday 15 July 2-5pm (Doors 2pm, Show & Auction 3-5pm) Where: Palookaville 214 Brunswick St Fitzroy (near Brunswick St Cylces) Who: Performances by Danica Lani , Liam & friends (from Melatonin), DJ Chesh, Khandis Marinko, Micah & Bro, Luke Williams and dance improv by Simon. Why: to create & celebrate community, thank all those who have supported the fund, to achieve my fund-raising goal and most of all FOR FUN!!!! How much: $5/$10/$15 (Unwaged/Waged/Gainfully employed) Auction items includes: Sustainable Housing Advice, Japanese Chef lessons, Movie Madness, Career Counselling, Web Design, Life Coaching and more. (for a complete list & details email Payment by Cash, Cheque or Pay Pal For more information about what i’m about and why i’m on this journey to get to Seeds2 visit my WiserEarth page. To find out more about Seeds for the Future and Joanna Macy follow the links. I leave July 29 to visit friends and family in Canada before going to Oregon from September 12 to October 12 for Seeds2. Funds raised go toward the $3200 USD Tuition, return flight (San Francisco to Melbourne), rent in absence. For more detail about the budget and status please contact me. Hope to see you at the event! If you’re not able to be there on the day, and you want to make a contribution, you still can! Ask me how. I’m also looking for a few volunteers to help with the event, talk to me! Thank you for your support! for earth, Tathra
0416 743 605

Winter outdoor swiming

Would you believe that in the middle of winter in Melbourne i have been swimming outside two days in a row! We’ve been swimming each day this week and looking at the difference in temperature of the outdoor pool and the indoor pool. The indoor is usually 31-33 degrees, and the outdoor fluctuates between 24-27 degrees. So after feeling like i was doing laps in a hot tub or spa, i ventured outside to the 50m pool, from the warm 24m indoor pool. To my delight, i was able to get to the end without dying of chill or breathlessness. I was puffing in a way that had me feeling like i’d had a good work out, something i didn’t feel like i was getting from the indoor pool.

Plus, the novelty of swimming outside in winter! When it’s 15 degrees outside and the sun is shining, hey, why not!

I’ve gained about 20 lbs since i came to Australia, none of the pants i brought with me fit any more. And there’s a campaign about diabetes awareness that correlates waist size to risk of diabetes. It’s 80 cm for women and 100 for men. Today we were in a chemist (pharmacy) that had tape measures as promo items for the campaign, i was just inside the mid-range between safe and high risk, a bit disconcerting but has me feeling affirmed in my commitment to getting more exercise instead of just relying on my bike transport as my exercise.

After i replaced the bike that was stolen i figures i’d start loosing weight. No such luck. So with the prospect of going back to Canada for a visit and seeing people who haven’t seen me in nearly three years, well it inspires me to get fit! So while Emma’s been on holidays, we’ve been swimming and doing some weights stretching. Not super consistently but it feels good!

I have started to fit into some of the clothes that didn’t fit a short while ago so that’s a good sign!

Hope, brought to you by marie-claire magazine

Emma an i went to a pub for dinner the other night, now that the full smoking ban is in effect it’s do-able! I was surprised when i picked up marie-claire magazine (Australian ed) to find a full spread on climate change and what we can do individually, complete with celebs, Aussie and American, with their own take on the issue and their actions.

What initially alerted me to it was opening to the middle expecting inane fluff (or at least some goss on Brangelina) and finding a declaration of marie-claire’s position on nuclear power! What a pleasant surprise! It juxtaposed Prime Minister John Howard’s opinion with quotes from prominent environmentalists and organisations such as ACF! Plain, simple, clear and identifying the magazine’s anti-nuclear statement!
Coming from working for an organisation that decidedly stays out of the nuclear debate and a sentiment that it’s too controversial to talk about it i could see that this position coming from mainstream media was HUGE! It was so refreshing! I had to do a double take, i closed the magazine to re-look at the cover, yes, it was indeed a women’s fashion magazine, Cate Blanchet’s face on the front, and i looked more closely to see “Cate’s call to action” and “find out what you can do about climate change” on the cover!

As i read through each page, i nearly cried, i love seeing things like this, it leads me to believe that concern for the planet is no longer the domain of hippies, it’s becoming mainstream, and i don’t mind using this as evidence that the great turning is happening!

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