where is my past?


I can attract 14 people to a symposium intro to look at reclaiming the future but only two or three to a night of fun celebrating thr good times we had at our old stomping grounds. It seems people are more interested in what’s next than re-living the past.

I wrote that the morning after what was supposed to be a big night out but was much smaller tban expected. caps lock was on and I can’t edit that with my dopod. (SORTED)
so once again looking for the silver lining. was able to connect more personally with those I did see. but did feel a bit disappointed that I didn’t see more people. there are a few I wanted to see that didn’t and a few things we didn’t get to like going back to the old house to visit kitty’s grave, or having a sour cherry flax bran muffin from patisserie daniel (they’d run out when I went) going to the break water… but it was a good trip overall. and the growing list of things to do next time has us even more inclined to come back for a year some time in the future.

victoria homecoming

Victoria homecoming
People keep saying wlcome home so it’s starting to feel a bit like a homecoming. It’s been really nice to see people tho it feels like a short time to see all those I want to. And having been in holiday mode I haven’t planned as well as I could have to make the best use of the time. Another opportunity to trust that it will work out and the people I want to see will emerge. I’ve been putting the vibe out to see kylah, har emails started bouncing after we connected about catching up in vic.

We started out with a dinner radish planned, a city green reunion and the molloys were there, fantastic to see kathryn, and I didn’t even recognize her eldest son jules, he looked so different. Then we met up with ali & tara, emma was understandably aprehensive about meeting some who’d captured my heart in the past. But it was good, and we ended up staying at their place that night. They have a little apartment with a gorgeous view of the gorge. The next night we had dinner with katrina & mel & felix who emma had me on their trip to oz about a month after emma & I got together. Captain also joined us which was fantastic, a bit of a shock to see he’d lost so much weight! Megh & matt and their little boy tomos weren’t able to come cuz megh was ill. Hope to see them another time.

from the rockies

From the rockies
Our three days feels like much more. We saw and did so much in such a short time. We arrived in banff early eve and wandered around a bit. The main road with the gorgeous view of mt rundle at the end was being redone so the side walks were very crowded. Many stores were still open, some untill 9 or 10! We got a few souvenirs and got a low cost dinner in the food fair of the mall. The campground was full so we parked in it’s central parking area with another van.
The next morning we went up to the icefeild centre but not before checking out the gorgeous views at the campground and the road from banff to jasper.
The grandeur of the mountains really puts life into perspective. Many earth changes have happened in the existence of our planet and human existance may be just a blip on the radar if we’re not intentional about what we’re doing and mindful of the impact.
Going up on to the glacier was remarkable. We learned that 72 % of drinking water comes from glaciers and that the Columbia icefield will only last another 125 years. This will have a massive impact on future generations. Much of the water irrigates canada & the US. Not just the farms that supply food but also the forests and other ecosystems of north america. It’s abit scary to think of how much is dependant on the glaciers.

The afternoon involved a hike up Parker ridge as recommended by my brother. We are much less fit than he, so scaling the mountain via a switchback trail was a bit of an effort and we didn’t make it to the top to see the view of the Saskatchewan Glacier but we did get to a crest that had a spectacular view of the mountain behind it. We got inspired to plan out our fitness routine for when we get home. The hike was a great workout and my lungs felt well used and no wheezing!
We jad dinner at a log cabin style road house in lake louise after going to look at lake morraine, the view that used to be on the Canadian $20 bill. I think it’s the one i’ve had my picture taken at with dad when I was a baby and mom when I was a teenager. It may have been lake louise but that one was further up the road to see the actual lake. So after dinner we said goodbye to the majestic rockies and headed back to BC. Our plan was to camp near Takakawa falls, another recommendation of troy’s but again no room in the campgrounds so the trailer parking became the de facto overflow camping, two other RVs in front of the sign saying “no overnight camping”.
There were some log cabins but at $500 a night we thought better of it. In the morning we went up the road to the falls encountered a tour bus and an RV challenged by the switchback in the road. A bit scary. The view was worth it. The falls were an intense rush of water being pushed out a small hole from a lake next to the glacier it’s fed by. We could hike to the base of the falls where it was very misty from the spray so didn’t take a lot of photos to protect the camera. There were some parks staff with a bear hide doing some education near the falls. I learned that tho cars kill a lot of bears more are killed by trains. There are lots of berries tracksdie and trians often drop grain. The hide they had was from a train death.
Emma really wanted to see a live one, we’d seen elk in banff, ground squirels in rogers pass, big horned sheep on the way to the glacier. She did get her wish and the traffic got really chaotic as all the tourists stopped to get a look, take photos. We took a video. The bear seemed oblivious to the spectacle. Looked like aan adolescent black bear. It was collared as most of the mamals we saw were.

to the rockies

We’re en route to the rockies after a few relaxing days in kelowna. It’s been great seeing family. We’ve been fed the best home cooked meals! Corn on the cob, peaches and cream variety grown less than 5km away. Salmon nearly every day. Fresh salads and fruit! After the symposium we ate all thre left over watermelon. Mom had no idea how many people would show up (hence the leftlover food). The date was brought forward a week and in august everyone has company or is away. I was the guest speaker for the sunday service which was very informal. I talked about my life, developing a reverence for nature and and activist career. It laid the foundation for what brought me to the symposium. The second half of the hour I talked about the synposium and encouraged people to attend. Some changed their plans for the afternoon to be able to come. The morning had about 25 people and the symposium in the afternoon had 14 plus me & emma. She graciously offered to do the AV which was fantastic. She was a real support for me.
It was a fairly quiet group, took a good while for them to volunteer to share with the group. Most of them knew each other from the church and jacqueline and katie came with the twins. It’s always great to have the next generation there. The quietest person offered to host the next symposium in kelowna, goes to show you never can tell how much people get out of it from their participation or outward expression. I got some great feedback and had a bit of a debreif with jacquie and katie yesterday before we hit the road.
Being with emma visiting family has been great, she’s gotten along really well with my mom and not surprisingly she had fun with all the kids. It has deepened our relationship and I feel abundantly greatful to have her as my parnter.
Last night we got to revelstoke around 9pm and found a sign for skiing and figured it would be a good place to camp and see some of the meteor shower. We parked the van and found that the gate was to an active logging site was what I expected to be the parking lot for the ski area. We did see a fair few shooting stars. And we were woken bright and early by the sound of trucks arriving. No one came to tell us we should go away thankfully tho there was also a road construction sit at the bottom of the hill that accompanied the truck noise. The good thing is that we are up earlier than we have since we started our trip two weeks ago! We saw a deer just before leaving which set the tone for our jouney in a really beautiful way.

In Van

We’ve been staying with Stacy in vancouver, been fab!

now we’re at Ashely’s, the host of this blog!

he got my phone to work so now i can finally call people!

we went to the dyke march the day after we got here (4hr delay on our flight from SFO to YVR) and the pride march the day after that, which was only yesterday!

We’ve been gone a week and feels like 3! Loving it here, having a great time, will be going to Kelowna on Thursday.


Hawaii wakiki aug 1 2007
Hart & Huntington tattoo on Kuhio with emma getting a tattoo.
We’ve been here for three days and leave tomorrow. It’s been here a lot better than I expected. I’d been pretty cagey about coming to hawaii. Thinking it was pretty indulent especially having raised 5 grand to get me to seeds but i’m using my own funds for this holiday. And I have worked really hard this last year. I have to keep telling myself that I deserve a bit of a break.
The beach was much nicer than I expected, waters is clean and not too crowded. Does take a bit to get into relax mode but it’s really freeing. To have my mobile off or inacessible has been a fascinating psychological experience. Every time I feel a vibration I have to remember that it’s not my phone.
We’ve been staying at a cheap hostel, private room very basic. But serves our needs adequately. We started out pretty diligent about locking our bags but now a bit more relaxed. This place is all about being chilled out and mutual respect. loving it!