Pre Seeds2 Post – peace with earth, peace with self

Today is my last day before i go into Seeds2. I have spent the past few days at the Pachamama Alliance office soaking up the grounded vitality of this place. I have learned so much and feel very primed for spending 30 days with Joanna Macy and 52 other Seeds! I have two posts writen on my dopod that i’ve not been able to post that i hope to sort out before stepping into Deep Time, away from the technical and other distractions of every ay life.

(posted oct 24)

i will not be looking at my email, blog or any other computer screen until i get to the airport to return home. on one hand this excites me greatly and on another, it will take some getting used to! will i go into withdrawl? i doubt it! i have been preparing myself for this lunar cycle for about a year. Bring it on!

This lunar cycle is also quite auspicious, starting with a solar eclipse early this moring, pluto leaving leo and new moon, a great time to start the next leg of my journey.

Reading about the current astrological arrangement sounds like a lot of turbulence and chaos. Will i be insulated from it’s effects in Westwind on retreat? Will it give me an opportunity to find peace among the insanity? I can only hope, actually i can do more than that, i can intend it. An outcome i have created for Seeds is to have a greater sense of personal peace to bring to my work, to bring to my community, my family, my relationships, my world.

I just got something called “the Peace Book” that has 108 practical ways to begin to cultivate a tao of peace on a personal level. Makes me think of all those sayings like ‘the personal is political’ and ‘think global, act local’ etc. I love the idea of committing to a personal peace process!

Julia Butterfly Hill in her segment of the symposium says, “we can not have peace on the earth unless we have peace with the earth.” David Tucker, Executive Director of the Pachamama Alliance adds that if we want to bring forth peace on or with the earth that we must start by creating peace within ourselves. Start by honouring ourselves as sacred, eachother as sacred, earth as sacred and all as one interconnected entity. Doing the personal transformation work will accelerate the process of tranforming our relationship to the planet and eachother, starting with ourselves is the most powerful step we can take.

Looking at our own unsustainable behaviours, our own contribution to injustice, our own anger, frustration and anxiety will move us from acting from fear and into coming from a place of love in our contribution to the world, our expression in the world. This is what i intend to focus on in the next 30 days and beyond.

Watch this space. I’ll be back online around Oct16 to update and post my reflections.

With great love, respect and gratitude, i bid you farewell for a full lunar cycle.

from sept 9 (sf post #3)

Its been a crazy couple of days.
How to describe it? Had some great chats with natalie, learning so much from her. Went to “Power to the Peaceful” yesterday. A concert put on by Michael frenti. Indigo Girls were there and a huge festival of stalls informing and selling. I spent way too much money. Three shirts with great sayings, 3/4 pants & a hoodie from “no enemy” organic cotton wear, two music cd’s and ironically, three buttons that say, “consume less, share more”. I also bought 5 books on haight st, one on my seeds2 book list (earth path by starhawk) and two recommended by natalie, another was one my mom talked about. I’ve also found 4 books on the street, one emma’s taken back, another starhawk one and tonight two about long term gay relationships. Amidst the book-mongering i’ve managed to read a bit, really enjoying songlines and started earth path today, LOVE it! So what I need, integrating earth based spirituality with permaculture and activism.

Back to the concert for a moment. I’d heard all sorts of great stuf about ferenti but wasn’t so familiar with his music till yesterday. Found myself feeling emotional a few times in the day perhaps from the vibe or just the feeling of being around tens of thousands of people united for peace and enjoying the fest & music. I took loads of pics of the people and crowd, some of the stage. Toward the end he played a love song for the world that really brought tears to my eyes partly cuz I knew i’d be calling emma soon and the lyrics really tugged at my heart.

The dinner guest was an entertaining couple, the woman knows laurence from aikido, she told some awesome stories of doing security for arunus gandhi at a peace convergence and for an “L word” star on an olivia cruise! Very cool!

from 3/09/07 (SF #2)

The journey has been varied and generally a nourishing and enriching experience. Our time in canada was great. Connecting with family was better than it’s ever been. And touching base with my community in vic was a testament to the strength of friendship.
We spent the last two nights in the heart of the mission district in SF. In the midst of the working class latina community. It’s a bit grimy but real and raw. Two blocks from the Lexington Club, the women’s pub where we actually chatted with locals over drinks. The women’s building was close as well. Gorgeous murals. Fascinating that three blocks away on Guerro were very nicely kept heritage homes. The Castro was more restaurants than I recall the last time I was here. Emma got a tattoo of the southern cross constellation in rainbow colours. I got a dykey hair cut. We also went to the women’s bathouse, Osento on Valencia. Really nice and relaxing, emma quickly got over her anxiety about nakedness, we did a fair bit of back and forth between the hot tub, sauna and cold plunge. Such a treat after all the walking and tourist activities. Today we’ll meet up with judith & robert (facilitators of the first symposium in melb) to do some locally guided sight seeing and then back to their place in Sonoma County. Starting to feel sad about emma leaving in 2 days and unsure about what will happen after, still need to sort a place to stay tho I trust it will work out, it’s on my mind as well as the fact that we’re close to done our budget. We’ve had a great time together, sharing this varied journey, that’s what matters most.