being used for a purpose…

The clear & crisp air is stark against the mildly warm train. At least the sun shines bright today. I’m thankful for the warm rays shining on my face. Thinking about the idea of “being used for a purpose”. We humans seem to serve a purpose regardless of our awareness of it. We may aspire to serve some higher good yet our actions, choices, beliefs have us inadvertently serving a purpose that we do without full intention. I aim to serve a world that works for all yet I may be serving the military industrial complex with my mortgage or some other consumer choice i make that has no obvious connection to the arms trade. Digging into the current economic apparatus that appears to hold up our society can get ugly. This is not where I want to focus my energy. It is important to be aware of the reality and equally important to cast our eyes forward. To focus on what we want to create, bringing vision and hope to a future free of the templates of the past. Toward the highest purpose of humanity and the planet we live on with full intention. Our challenge is to live consistent with our values to the best of our ability, striving further to serve the greater good, being used for a purpose that aligns with our visions for a healthy & safe existence for our great grandchildren’s great grandchildren.

in this moment

In this moment i have very little to say, however, it’s been a long time since my last post and my journey has meandered a great deal with hardly a moment to blog! Much less provide new coordinates of my location to my communities! So this is simply to say, i’m here, in this moment, and having just returned from a weekend workshop of Deep Ecology/Work that Reconnects facilitation skill building, i feel renewed, with a fresh perspective of what’s next.

I have been reading the book Presense by Peter Senge, Otto Sharmer et el and it’s blowing my mind. I’ve been connecting to a few others who have also been influenced by it and am looking for ways to move forward with the ideas. Whole systems change is really what i’m up for, what i’m here for, what i’m hungering for.

One of the last processes we did at the workshop this weekend was “Letter from Gaia”. Second time i’ve done it, and said very similar stuff, to focus on writing my book and to trust, focus on my own process than what it may provide for others. Its’ a birthing process and a rebirthing process. It it my role as midwife of the new and hospice of the old.

That’s what’s here for me to share in this present moment.