Adapting to a Changing World

A few months ago I was sitting with a client that was so used to scrounging for attention to green initiatives that the support around her was hard to see. I pointed out that we’ve grown used to the apathy that when something like actual interest in reducing the office’s environmental impact is present we have a hard time seeing it. We don’t know what to do with enthusiasm for our campaigns, we’ve become jaded. So how will we respond to the new leadership and the shiftin consciousness that is slowly but surely gathering steam?

Will we continue to struggle on or will we wake up to the possibility that more and more people are starting to embrace new ways of being in the world. The forces that perpetuate the status quo are still strong but their days are numbered. The awareness of the connections between us, our actions, our beliefs, our common heritage and our impact on the future is building. The myth of separation is breaking down, even the global financial crisis receiving commentary from prime minister and bankers alike saying it’s all connected. The links are being made slowly but surely.

We’ve paid little attention to the relationships between things so as they become apparent it can be overwhelming. It feels like a lot of work but it’s simply another way of seeing the world. One that will take a long time to adjust to. One that will make clear the importance of working together, relying on eachother to share our understanding of the links between things.

As we learn to trust each other in coming together for a common purpose our faith in humanity will grow. Our capacity to create change together will strengthen. Our determination to reclaim the future from our former selves will gain momentum and really, it already is.