The most important book i've read in ages

If you are a parent, like children, work with children or plan to have children please have a look at the video .

I have recently spoken with the author, Robin Grille, who told me about this 7 min video/slide show that encapsulates the concepts of this book.

Parenting for a Peaceful World (The Author’s website is at the end of the video.)

I see something much deeper here. The potential to change the course of history, to be intentional about how we raise our children, how we educate them, and how we regard them as the future. Sure, we know that children are the future but this book demonstrates it with far more detail in history and research, modern brain science, as well as offering his own recipe for creating a peaceful world in the specific early childhood developmental stages. This information allows us to take love to a whole new level for the human family.

This book profoundly moved me and i highly recommend it. I am not a parent but i feel responsible to future generations and this book offers them such a monumentally important gift. Contact me if you can’t find the book easily. I have ordered a box from the author. In Canada & the USA the book is just about to be released, contact New Society Press to order. (Pre-orders get 20% off)

being a homo-wner

After a lengthy deliberation we finally chose to join the ranks of the land owners. Entering a new phase as the stewards of a little bit of land in Coburg North. Renting for 18 yrs casts a gloomy light on land lordship, not to mention my lefty perspective.
Thankfully i’ve grown beyond being anti-everything and am now looking at the question of how to be a responsible land owner.

I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I am enjoying little things like feeling free to laugh loudly, without worry of displeasing neighbors who might gossip to the landlord. In this case I am the land lord, i’m the one accountable. It’s so liberating to no longer be under the thumb of someone else, someone else’s land.

I despise the system that creates this dynamic and feel for all the renters who don’t share the privilege of having a home to call their own. How can I hold this privileged position in a way that honours and respects the struggle so many people face? And challenges the status quo, creating a new future?

What kind of home owner do I want to be? One who grows food & shares with my neighbors, one who grows australian native plant species where i’m not growing food, one that chooses to spend excess funds on things that reduce the environmental impact of our home. Solar panels, HRV system, gray water set up etc. At last these are the things I can support now that I’m a home owner. It’s a lot of work but there are many joys.