Being the worm

One hundred of us in the Channel 9 TV studio in Richmond watched PM Kevin Rudd and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott as the debated Healthcare funding and hospital reform at the Press Club in Canberra.

Each of us had a hand held device with a keypad to record our approval or dissaproval of what was being said by the leaders. 1 being the lowest and 9 for the highest indicator of approval. The data was gathered wirelessly and reflected on a screen we couldn’t see (to avoid influencing our opinions) but was on the screen below the leaders as it aired live. Viewers could see our collective response as “the worm” rising and falling like a wriggler on the screen as we either liked or disliked what was said.

At the end the host and Canberra correspondent noted the times the worm peaked and troughed. I heard from a colleague who watched it live, he said the worm went down most of the time Tony Abbott spoke. It was good to hear, I don’t think I had any thing higher than 5 when he was talking. Sure he was on the back foot to start with, however that position doesn’t come with a license to complain incessantly.

The debate could have been over in 15 minutes, very little new content was contributed by either leader after that point. Repetative mudslinging was the main theme for most of it. Though Rudd attempted to stay positive he did his share of defending and attacking.

It’s a sad state of affairs in australian political leadership. Perhaps it’s the norm but I refuse to be satisfied with mediocre! Today’s display may have been consistent with historical behavior, and that’s no excuse! More of the same produces more of the same. I see little reason for optimism yet I manage to hold out hope that a new kind of leadership is emerging from the shadows. If I can help support this shift you know I will!

letting go of selling myself

Yesterday I did some great work with my friend Tahnee about letting go of our old ideas about what selling means. We both have our own business doing what we love, though she has been doing this for far longer than I have.

We explored what feelings come up when we think of selling, and what there is to be healed and then had more space to see the opportunity of selling and really shifted our relationship to it!

I found that i related it to the aggressive and manipulative American sales approach as well as prostitution. Much of my ill will also came from equating this with our societies rampant consumerism as a way to feed the hunger of the human heart. I have so much anger and despair about this. And it gets in the way of being comfortable selling my own ideas and services.

One of the things that also became clear was that in working for myself or any other work, I’m not selling myself. I am not Audacious Leadership as much as I am not my name. I am selling a vision of new paradigm leadership and a pathway toward it. This feels much better. I’m not selling my soul, I’m providing an opportunity for a new future! And it still feels a bit strange to sell that but I have much more willingness to give it a go having relased myself from the negative beliefs and collapsed ideas about what selling is. I can do it with integrity and forge new ways of doing business.

I’m also enjoying reading WOMBAT Selling by Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson, who turns the old style of selling on it’s head! Lots to learn on this journey through doing what I love and making a living at it!

Rain Storm

We’re so blessed to have been spared the damage this storm has done to Melbourne! We have friends who have been affected with damage to home, transport and event cancellations, disruption.

We decided to cancel our plans to make sure the house and pets were ok. We even played Wii as a distraction. Worked great for Dizzy, she didn’t even flinch for at least two of the thunder rolls.

Our pond has been topped up by mother nature, and she wasn’t so gentle in many other areas of Melbourne. We got hail just over 1cm but not the golf ball sized ones reported elsewhere.

Such a sudden and intense storm, not a long one thankfully!