Bunny Drama

On my way home from Sustainability Drinks tonight I saw our bunnies on the lawn of the house a few doors down that’s being renovated. I corralled them enough to get them both back into our yard, to my surprise it was easier than herding cats! Grey bunny, who I’m sure has been out partying a few nights recently (word on the street), he was fine to go back thru the wire mesh he’d chewed thru in the side gate. But Pickles, AKA white bunny wasn’t done with her taste of freedom. I guess being free range in our yard isn’t enough! I tried to get her back in but could see she was determined for self determination.

Later when I took the dogs out to pee before bed, I saw that both bunnies were back, hanging out between the shed & my meditation spot. I went around to the side gate & put an old recycling tub against the fence in attempt to make it reasonably rabbit proof.

When I came back Pickles was trying to hump grey bunny & didn’t seem fussy about which end. They are both female as far as we know, have had them for at least 10 months and figured there’d be more of them by now if that wasn’t the case.

Pickles joins the ranks of our gender confused animals. Keeta, fixed female staffy also gets a bit frisky especially around other staffies but isn’t very fussy. Well, at least our pets all get along. Our cat vinnie regularly rubs his face up on both dogs noses and the bunnies will let the dogs get within about a metre of them before hopping away.

Although we had a bit of recent bunny drama, I’m pretty pleased with our little bastion of inter-species harmony.