Raining in Melbourne. A bit of a relief after a couple hot dry days as soon as we got back. I’d gotten used to humidity in bali, making melbourne weather a bit of a shock.

Today, venturing into the city for the first time, post-holiday, I noticed more adjusting. Expecting to be hassled by taxi drivers at very least. Noticing far more diversity, not just aussies and Indonesians. Some eccentric folk on Bourke St with brightly coloured hair, a grandmother with a black rosary to match her atire, humbly asking me for money in the Paris-end of Collins St. Office workers with personality, egos, openly expressed and some defeated & bored. Now on the train with all sorts of different people, getting used to limiting my curiosity, politely facing people without speaking. Not being too interested in the book she’s reading, nor the bookmark that looks old, with both Chinese and Arabic characters on it. It all feels a bit new again, getting used to how we relate in Melbourne. Being surprised that things actually work, that order seems more dominant than chaos. How is it that we’re all creating this order? Complicity?

Funny that Bali seemed more chaotic yet with less diversity and that here in Melbourne it’s ordered and diverse. How bizarre!