Symposium at New Earth Sanctuary

Your first symposium never goes to plan and people are always late. I’d like to be wrong about it, and say so I if am.

Today two bright new symposium facilitators did their first symposium in the same room they trained in at the end of January. Being back there was rejuvenating and to be there to support these two on their first go was a joy and a privilege. With a little practise I’d easily nominate them to do public symposiums and be the first to put my hand up to work with them again. (Watch this space…)

Even having two other people in the room can be enough. We also had participation from a number of plush toys including a gollie doll to represent social justice. And the two humans both expressed the value they got from the experience in glowing terms. We didn’t show the last two videos but people got the message, took it in deeply and left lifted.

There was lots of learning and affirmation in going through it for the first time. I enjoy most when people begin to see themselves in the symposium and express their strengths. Tears make symposiums most meaningful. Imagine what it felt like, a few years back, to watch my boss at the time in tears after being quite intimidated at times. For him it was the animals, facing extinction and having us to speak for them. Gut wrenching and a deeply moving experinece of powerful vulnerability.

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