30 Day Blog Challenge

It’s true, I’ve had three blog posts in the last year. It’s time to change that. My coach has sent me a 30 day Blog Challenge through the Suitcase Entrepreneur. I am not sure what to expect other than the fact that I will be posting something here every day for the next month. It will be a great way to challenge my perfectionist self, the part of me that keeps me from posting blogs that aren’t vetted by a few people or mulled over for a month or seven. That ends now.

Tomorrow, and every day for the next 30, I will be posting something in response to the challenge material, which takes us through three stages of getting savvy at online business. So, instead of apologising in advance for my mistakes, I will embrace them, I will honour them as my teachers and I will let them be part of my expression, warts and all!

Are you ready? Let’s go!


30 day challenge – See more at: http://suitcaseentrepreneur.com/blogchallenge/#sthash.S6sQKIKE.dpuf

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