Blog Challenge Day 9

Which online business do you admire and why?

Mindvalley is a business that operates primarily online with some face to face gatherings, which are also available online.

I admire this business for three reasons. It’s product, it’s purpose and it’s responsiveness.

The product is primarily consciousness raising tools, meditations with binaural beats, talks that discuss profound concepts, guided visualisations that transport me into a new level of awareness  and a foundational methodology that isn’t prescriptive. It appears to be based on the Silva Method but you don’t have to be a fan or devotee of the Silva Method to participate or enjoy what Mindvalley offers.

The product I use most is their app “Omvana” It has a number of included meditations, guided visualisations, inspiring poems and talks. As is all the rage in the app world, it has decent customisability. There is a mixer you can use to combine some of the sound files with the talks or other meditations. The option to add new tracks, and there is always something new. I was delighted to see a meditation by a woman I went to high school with in Canada added recently! Many of the store items are reasonably priced and some aren’t. It seems that there are fewer free tracks being added but don’t quote me on that.

img-omvanaMindvalley is all about raising consciousness and providing tools that support that mission.

One of the things that came through my inbox from Mindvalley last month indicated that the company is responding to the needs of their market. They provided some stats about how many of us are too stressed out to think about meditating or raising our consciousness. To respond to this new awareness they are looking to provide provide products focused on stress management. I admired this both in terms of transparency and in it’s willingness to respond to current information.

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