Day 10 – Vision Reignited

What are the key ways in which you want to make money online in your chosen business OR Which are the key online revenue streams you want to focus on in your existing business?

I have a few ways on standby that aren’t new and a few ideas emerging from the resources through the blog challenge.  Of course coaching and facilitation are my main skills. The one’s I enjoy and know I’m good at, and at times, get paid to do!

A couple of things I’ve had in the pipe for a while are creating audio files of guided meditations, and writing an e-book. For a while, when I meditated what came to me, some might call this a ‘download’, were pieces of guided meditations, lots of really rich ideas that it simply felt wrong not to do anything with. I started gearing up for it, recording practice meditations, putting up a page on this site, talking to a friend who is a musician and sound editor. The energy was really there for a while, and then it waned. It’s still on the back burner, and when the time is right, I will pick this up again. I think this time may be soon.

I have been writing an e-book on empowering language on and off for over a year. I have taken various actions to support it’s completion: setting up a writing coach; putting the existing writing into a Scrivener document; and making public commitments to when I would finish it. It’s still in formation, and the other day I actually started up on it again! Very exciting. Again, inspiration from this blog challenge and reading some of the other blogs.

I know that once I get my first e-book done, it will pave the way for the next one. I have all sorts of ideas for what else to write about. There are a few key things that I talk with my clients about and it feels like having something people can read would be really useful. Language is a big one, choice and intention are two others. I feel like I could easily write a book on each if i had no other commitments or distractions!

Writing up ideas about what kinds of resources I can provide based on my experience, skills and passions, I start to generate a very big list! To me it feels a bit all over the place, blending business advice with professional skills and personal development. Ultimately, my thing is about leadership and change. All of what has brought me to this point is about developing ourselves and skilling ourselves up to lead this massive change that is happening on the planet. It’s going to take all of us. And those of us who are ready or ‘awake’ now have a specific role in taking the world in a new direction. To model a different way of living on earth, a different way of living, loving and being. To start at home, with ourselves, working on our own stuff, getting out of our own way. Leaving the confines of our comfort zones, getting into those vulnerable spaces, reaching out and getting the support we need to heal and create loving relationships with ourselves, eachother and naturally, the planet.

leaf life cycleI notice that once I start getting into it, my vision starts leaking out all over. It’s time to let this thing be reborn, starting with allowing a natural death, something, in fact a whole slew of things, need to die before the rebirth can happen. That’s where the work is for me. Walking my talk, starting at home, working on myself, getting my own shit out of the way. Continuing on the path of developing myself, my skills, my own relationship with myself, healing, reaching out, learning to love myself again.

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