[Day 13] Site flexibility please!

What three things would you most like your website to have and how will you go about getting them?

Again, better late than never. I have resisted this post because it feels so half-baked! It feels like I’m gestating, anticipating something new, growing and developing inside me. And it may well be different than tathra.me but it’s what I have for now so here goes.kelp light

1) Flexibility – Things change so quickly these days, I’m changing as much as the world is changing, and I want my site to be adaptable while providing consistency. I want to be able to change things quickly and easily without losing people. I want the changes to be what keep people coming back and being part of my tribe. How? Not sure, starting with the intention and exploring ways as I continue to learn this stuff!

2) Subscribe option – I want people to be able to find out that there is a new post without me having to post it all over. Do people still use RSS feeds? I did for a while but not anymore. I’m sure there’s a way to add a subscribe button, again, something else for me to learn!

3) Audio recordings – Two things I’d love to include here are a podcast on leadership and change and a section of guided meditations, as I mentioned here. These two things feel quite distinct, the first feels more about my professional work and the meditations feel more part of the personal growth component. I am still working on reconciling these and integrating them. Watch this space.

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