[Day 12] Inspire and empower with wisdom

What is your USP Unique Special Proposition that sets you apart from the crowd?

<Cringe!> Oh no, really? Ok, well, no point hiding. Sure, it’s taken me a bit of extra time but I’m going to put my crap aside and just start writing and see what happens. That seems to be the best way. I warn you now, this is going to get colourful!

I remember when I started my business 5 years ago someone I admire took me out for coffee and asked me about my USP, I could not answer him. I had NO idea what my thing was, I just knew what I wanted to do and in my naivety I didn’t even consider distinguishing myself. So, a few years later, this is what I can see about what I offer.

What do I do best? I evoke wisdom in people and groups.

Using my skills to help transform your relationship to the area you’re feeling stuck in, is my juice. I love shifting perspectives, reframing your point of view to shed new light and provide insight. I believe you know everything you need to but you may not be accessing that wisdom through the muck. My job is to help you remember who you are, help you access that skill and bring to light the awesomeness that you’ve forgotten was there.

What I provide as a coach and a facilitator is based on my sustainability background and is informed by my own inquiry and self-development journey. As an activist I was fascinated with what motivated people to change, to do things like start composting or stand up for human rights. As a sustainability consultant I have worked with thousands of people to change their daily practices, whether it’s about waste reduction or sustainable transport choices. As a coach I work with people to change how they see a situation, and connect to their amazing capacity, strength, courage and power. When I work with teams, I invite the group to demonstrate what they can achieve together that they can’t on their own. I love cultivating collective intelligence. We are all wise beyond our limited perception, and it often takes someone else to reflect that back and help people and groups reconnect to what they are capable of.

The thing you won’t get from me is a lot of “woo-woo” and hype. I won’t make big promises I can’t keep, or pretend that all you need to do is follow my instruction and you’ll be all fixed. You’re not broken, just not very present to your amazingness! I don’t pretend that unearthing awesomeness is always easy. Sometimes looking at our own stuff ain’t easy, it takes determination, persistence and commitment, commitment to yourself!

Sure my work may have a ‘spiritual’ nature, but you won’t find ethereal talk about understanding who you really are, or discovering your purpose. My approach is grounded, practical and focused on drawing out what you know, when you may not believe in your own ability to rock your world. My job is to hold the belief that you rock the world until you can hold it for yourself and step into your own power.

In our hearts we know how awesome we are.

I know what it takes to try on something new and look beneath the surface of our obstacles. I have looked at my own limiting beliefs, unhelpful habits and narrow perspectives and significantly changed how I see and be in the world. I am much happier and healthier and content with life, even when things don’t seem so great, I know that this too shall pass and that at the core of it, I can alter my world, I can ask for help, I can learn the things I need to learn to get to where I want to be. Having done a lot of work on myself, and worked with tons of people to make changes, and I never assume there is only one way. As I learn new things I incorporate them into my work. And I love to challenge the status quo by creating new ways of being with each other, ourselves and our world.

I have been inquiring into what makes us tick, what inspires us to change, develop, grow for over two decades. I refuse to believe that crisis is our best motivator. We can be inspired by what we love to be creative, innovative and connect to our internal and collective wisdom. My approach is based on inspiration, empowerment and of course, connecting to that part of our self (or collectively as a group) that is innately wise and powerful. Because we are awesome and together we are a genius!
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    • Oh Josie! You are one of the people who helps me remember who I am. Our conversation yesterday really brought a lot of this to the surface! I really expected this would be a short tokenistic post but our conversation had this present in my mind resulting in much more detail than anticipated! Thank you!!!!!!!

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