Subconscious Mind Matters

I have just finished listening to the audiobook of Dr Bruce Lipton’s Biology of Belief. I am still reeling. It was full of a lot of concepts I mostly already knew about but put things into a sharper perspective and affirmed what I already understood, with a new sense of depth and gravity.

The idea that our subconscious mind controls most of what we do isn’t new to me but hearing Bruce talk about it and gaining a deeper understanding of it brought up all sorts of questions and feelings.

subconsciousI searched ‘subconscious mind’ on google and found this list of ways to control your subconscious mind. Not that control is my pursuit at all, more a dance or synergy. I’d love some kind of relationship that is functional and feels balanced, if that’s even possible.

I started on the first suggestion, stream of consciousness writing, again, not a new practice but doing it brought up some things I’d learned in the past. And my writing became about connecting with different parts of myself that are likely impacting what I’m doing and not doing and giving them a voice. I discovered that the reason I feel Continue reading

Thoughts on Voting

In Australia voting is compulsory.
However, it still feels like a privilege, and I felt quite emotional voting today.
I felt emotional when I stepped in line behind a father with two children waiting to vote.
I felt emotional when I saw a young mother put a handful of ‘how to vote’ flyers in the recycle bin.
I felt emotional when I saw a woman with a handful of surely every single possible ‘how to vote’ flyer in one hand and, slowly, her elderly mother’s wrist in the other hand.
I felt emotional when I thought of how many people would vote based on old, traditional (read outdated) values.
I felt emotional when I thought about how many people would vote for the ‘single issue’ or minority parties.
I remember overhearing a woman at work saying ‘I hate single-issue parties’.

I felt mixed up thinking about the importance placed on this right or obligation or duty we have to exercise our democratic freedom, while it feels incredibly tokenistic.Ballot Continue reading




It’s all about celebrating completion at the moment, this blog challenge ends today and yesterday was the end of the 40 Days of Plenty, via Lotus Kruse. Feels good to be actually finishing some things. I am getting better at completion, and giving up my story that I’m a great starter but….

There isn’t a question for the challenge today so I’m taking a few minutes to reflect on what has come from my participation. The biggest thing I got was exactly what I went into it for. I am writing FAR more frequently. I went from three posts in two years to 23 posts in 30 days. WOO HOO!!!!!!

I loved that there was no imperative to do every day. The questions I answered took me an a fantastic journey. I feel like I have learned a lot about myself, let a lot of stuff (perfectionism) go and have been reminded of who I am. And now that I’ve shared Continue reading

Global Dreaming

[Day 29] What does your blueprint for living the dream look like to you?

Oh this is a hard one to answer. It feels like it’s changing. Since starting this blog challenge I can imagine more travel in my life. I can imagine spending up to five weeks a year outside of Australia, and maybe more given the right invitations.

My dream includes being invited to present workshops in North America, Europe and South East Asia. And perhaps beyond but let’s start with those areas. I can imagine spending a week doing work, doing interactive, experiential talks at conferences and exciting gatherings and then taking another week to enjoy the place, be a tourist, connect with the people.

global-mapWhat I’m clear I want in my life is work that feels like an expression of my purpose, being here to facilitate this grand change, the paradigm shift currently happening on Earth. This includes writing (e-books, blogging…), consulting with small groups and working with larger groups at conferences and gatherings where new ways of being on the planet are being explored. I can imagine doing longer periods of time on retreats where people get to discover something new about their ability to express their power in the world, and are skilled up for and supported in living their purpose wholeheartedly.
30 day challenge

My travel hacking: Frieght hopping

[Day 27] What’s your best travel hacking story to date?

Freight hopping along the west coast of the US was the best travel hacking experience I’ve ever had. This does not fit neatly into what is considered travel hacking but that’s often how it is in my world. In terms of how I define it, this is the ultimate.

In 1995 I and a handful of activist friends departed Victoria BC for San Francisco for the Food Not Bombs conference and 20-year anniversary. We’d heard about freight hopping and wanted to try it. Lucky for us one of the people also staying at our billet was an experienced freight hopper. One day I will write a book about these adventures but for now I will give you the abbreviated version.

Our first time, there was nearly 10 of us. Not obvious at all! We managed to get caught very quickly but weren’t easily deterred. We split up and headed inland, this was before cell/mobile phones! We went through the Columbia River Gorge and across the top of Idaho and up into Montana as far as Glacier National Park and later back to the West Coast of BC and south to San Diego.

Our adventures included being rained on when there was no shelter on the back of a train car and going through an unexpected tunnel that lasted for Continue reading

Ideal Minimalism

[Day 26] What does minimalism mean to you in the context of your ideal lifestyle?

For starters it means getting rid of all the stuff I don’t need! As much as I love being settled in my humble abode it often means having a place to accumulate more and more stuff! It really is time for that to stop!

After moving around most of my life I found that when I was in one place for a while I would gather things, books, papers, nick nacks (aka bric-a-brac) and things that seemed like a good idea at the time. Surfaces just seem to be calling out for more things to be piling up on them.

When it came time to move having all this extra stuff was incredibly challenging, and often I would just move all the stuff I knew I didn’t need and though “I’ll deal with it after the move.” Sometimes I did and sometimes I didn’t. I think my subconscious wanted me to be weighed down and stay where I was, making moving all my stuff unconscionable! Continue reading

Tech tool geek love

[Day 28] What travel tools and services are most important to you when taking your business abroad?

My laptop feels like the most essential tool, I love my MPB. Tho if I were to go even partially location independant I’d go MBA. After having a massive 24 inch iMac I am adjusting well to a smaller screen and love being able to take it anywhere!MPB heart

Services wise, I have upgraded my Dropbox account to enable more online storage and file sharing. I’m paying $10/mo for 100GB. I think paying monthly will help remind me to make the most of it! With iCloud you get 5GB free and $42 annually for 25GB, or $105 for 50GB. I like having both for different things but Dropbox is my primary cloud storage, I have been using it for years and recently started using it for my photo backups. I have 53GB of photos alone from photos over the last decade! If you want a preview of your life flashing before your eyes, watch 65,000 photos import to a new machine! WHOA!

Continue reading