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[Day 28] What travel tools and services are most important to you when taking your business abroad?

My laptop feels like the most essential tool, I love my MPB. Tho if I were to go even partially location independant I’d go MBA. After having a massive 24 inch iMac I am adjusting well to a smaller screen and love being able to take it anywhere!MPB heart

Services wise, I have upgraded my Dropbox account to enable more online storage and file sharing. I’m paying $10/mo for 100GB. I think paying monthly will help remind me to make the most of it! With iCloud you get 5GB free and $42 annually for 25GB, or $105 for 50GB. I like having both for different things but Dropbox is my primary cloud storage, I have been using it for years and recently started using it for my photo backups. I have 53GB of photos alone from photos over the last decade! If you want a preview of your life flashing before your eyes, watch 65,000 photos import to a new machine! WHOA!

Which brings me to the other essential tool, my iPhone. I don’t even use my other camera anymore. The phone has a better camera than my first digital camera, the kodak i got second hand back in 2003. I had been such an SLR fan before that. Now I capture images daily on my iPhone. Sometimes I use Instagram for interesting images. Sometimes I capture what I’ve harvested that day, eggs, fruit, etc. I really enjoy having the option to share what I want with who I want.

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