One resolution: Self Love

It’s January first, day one of 2014. My Facebook feed is full of well wishes, reflections and intentions for the new year. The one that really struck me was from Louise Hay; “What if the only resolution you made was to love yourself more?” What a novel idea! Because what it all comes back to is love and loving myself has been a bit of a theme lately. Plus it’s something that came up strongly in the coaching group I did last year. In the end, most of the goals set by the participants came back to self love. And in applying some of this stuff to myself I was shocked to discover that I’d been taking myself for granted and assumed my relationship with myself was pretty good when in fact there was some work to do! heart lights blue

The contrast that emerged from the practice of simply regarding myself with kindness and fondness was a bit disturbing. The discomfort I felt in being loving toward myself was almost embarrassing. I thought I’d dealt with this stuff, I’ve done SO much personal development, surely I didn’t need to work on this too! Clearly some blind spots here to explore.

The post about the single self love resolution struck a chord and several people adopted the idea and shared the post. A friend posted a link to a book in the comments. “Love yourself like you life depends on it” The cover image had a silhouette of a person with a gun to their own head and a red heart in the chest. Not an image i felt drawn to but the concept appealed and I looked it up. It’s a fairly short book and less than $5 on so I started reading it. The concept is very simple but powerful, as most powerful ideas are! So I’m taking it on. Loving myself as a practise.

I started to explore a few things and also found this 31 Day Self Love writing challenge, so I’m taking that up too. (This is day one.) I have already started to incorporate the “I love myself” mantra and doing things that are self loving. So far I haven’t experienced the resistance I anticipated.

I had a bath tonight, as an act of self love, luxuriated with some honeysuckle bath gel. It was nice, simple. Might not always be so simple as the year gets busier. I don’t expect this Self Love journey to be an easy one but it feels important, worthwhile and compelling. Buckle up babes, we’re going for a ride!

4 thoughts on “One resolution: Self Love

  1. Wow, your words really resonate. I’ve been doing the Brene Brown course on the Gifts of Imperfection with a colleague in her 50s. At one point she said “I wish I’d done this work when I was your age Kiri” to which I promptly replied “if you’d asked me ten years ago I would have said I’ve already done this work!” A big part of the last year has been about accepting myself as a constant work in progress – vulnerability is a practice. I look forward to reading more about your journey and learning with/from you.

  2. Hi tathra; nean here we met at the trophy nite we sat next to each other ,my partner is maria.I enjoyed reading these words and agree …. i want to luv ,nurter myself abit more this year its so healthy to do so and i always feel so kind,luving and playfulll towards myself …. i will walk around the singing sweet little songs to myself and tell myself am a darling little creature ,i also enjoy walking in old growth forest or near the ocen as she roars or clam waves…..

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