Next Steps in Exploring the Mind

It’s no secret that I’m fascinated by how our minds work, what motivates change and the power of our subconscious mind. So it won’t surprise you to know that I recently trained as a hypnotherapist. Many of us know how to take really good care of ourselves, we’ve done the courses, learned the skills, and down our own research, yet often we don’t do what we know to do to maintain optimal health and wellbeing. Why?

What part of us neglects our self-love regime and sits in front of the TV eating crap? It seems so contrary to the image of our competent adult-self that makes wise choices, nurturing our self-esteem and standing in our power. We are more influenced by our surroundings and upbringing than we know, yet we need not be confined to limiting beliefs that sit beneath the level of our conscious awareness. subconscious

There are many ways to release ourselves from the grip of this conditioning. I have explored many of them. The one I am really interested in right now is, surprise, surprise, hypnotherapy!  It allows for direct communication with the subconscious mind. The part that actually controls the vast majority of what we do, especially our habits. It feels mysterious, but it can be very effective. Some of the influencing factors include suggestibility, level of trance, number of sessions.

My own experience has been that I have experienced improved memory since doing the hypnotherapy course. Part of our learning was to write a hypnotic suggestion for ourselves, I wrote about improving memory, clarity of mind and being able to grasp complex concepts and easily convey them to others. Instead of needing to refer back to the specials board at Cider House, I could remember the details of the ingredients and features. I was impressed with myself! And overall, my memory and mental clarity have improved.

I have begun practising and learning about what works, using different inductions and suggestion tests (to determine hypnotizability). As I explore this territory I am offering sessions at a very low rate, just under half of my regular coaching rate. If you have something you want to know if hypnosis can help, get in touch. I do complimentary consultations for up to 20 min by phone, Skype etc. At the end of April I will be doing Thursday afternoons Thornbury and Monday mornings in Carlton for those who want to give it a go. Stay tuned for more on that and on my new website. Or contact me for a consultation.

The areas of focus I plan to pursue with this work include stress management and performance enhancement, especially for entrepreneurs and students. Watch this space!