42 Things I am grateful for

42 random and not so random things I am grateful for at this particular moment, not in order of importance, sort of.
Emma – for SO many things, loving me unconditionally, learning from our relationship has been pivotal in shaping my self development and practise. This is incredibly valuable to me.
Dad – being able to get to know him as an adult and the time we share fortnightly.
Mom – for giving me my life and shaping who I am today.
Paula – for being my mirror and a guide for my future physiology and being an amazing support all my life especially now that i’m here and my mom is in Canada.
Sally – For challenging me so respectfully, helping me grow in a way that really works for me.
My dogs – for constant companionship and taking me to my sanctuary daily, among the big old gum trees along the creek.
My motorbike – for the thrill and power as I ride.
Kombucha – for keeping my gut healthy and giving me a new hobby!
iPhone insurance – for being able to replace my missing phone within days. Massive gratitude, SO worth the money!
My garden– as chaotic as it is, it managed to give me some beautiful clematis blooms on my birthday IMG_0248
My clients – for the ability to earn a living doing what I love and know I’m good at plus the opportunity to see you as my mirrors and my teachers
My health – especially when I was feeling unwell they day before an important facilitation gig, being able to function as a half decent facilitator felt like the response I was hoping for as I offered to listen more deeply to what my body wanted.
Podcasts – for broadening my horizons and deepening my understanding.
new friends – particularly Fiona and Fleassy, you two have been a real treasure to me this year.
Anne Hunter – for being an awesome business partner and brilliant colleague, knowledgeable, skilled and talented! Sure have benefited massively from all this with YRT this year!
Self awareness – recognising traits like ambivert, pedant.. etc.
Mirror Theory – integrating all aspects of myself, especially those i despise the most and criticise others for!
Flexibility – by willingness to blend ambition with reality. I have 18 things on this list of 42 which may grow later on.

Added Oct 23 (which is still my birthday in Canada!)

Baby Birthday Greetings! – I got two messages from a 4 month old (Fleassy’s Kaia) and from Lily (Emma’s sisters daughter, my niece)! CUTENESS OVERLOAD!
Bag of Love – Emma came home from Gridiron training with a bag of all my fave things from the supermarket, not just treats but healthy stuff too! She knows me well after 9 years!
Future of Leadership Conference – And Rola for connecting me to it, this event is what lead to both the big facilitation gigs I got this year
Retainer – being on retainer is awesome. So pleased my facilitation gig from earlier this year lead to being put on retainer to coach and mentor the new team leaders!
Relax School – for allowing me to express who I am as a second generation team leader and all the learning that came from it and especially for the support from the poly community!
Facebook – for being the conduit that allows me to connect to the people in my life, near and far, new and old.
Walter Lee Elementary Class of 1985 – Thanks to facebook and posting a class photo from grade 5 lead to people tagging themselves through our vast network of connections and I got reaquainted with my childhood companions, first boyfriend and generated a desire to go back to Canada for a visit. I plan to go there in July 2015 for our 30 year reunion! Wow do i feel old but excited to reconnect to that part of my youth!
Entrepreneurial Success! – This financial year I earned more from my business than I did from side jobs, for the first time since I started my business 5 years ago! This feels like a massive achievement and has resulted in the Take the Leap workshop to share what I’ve learned.