Day One of being 43.

It’s my first day of being 43. What’s on my mind is the businesses I’ve been connected to over the last year or so. I had an amazing conversation with my uncle about business yesterday. I’d known he was in the meat industry and was not keen to talk to him while I was vegetarian, especially after being in earshot of a conversation with another uncle at Christmas about 20 years ago about abattoirs. Lots has changed since then!

Now when thinking about the future of work, I knew he’d be a great person to talk with, he really lights up talking about business, it’s quite refreshing! In my new perspective as an entrepreneur and ‘recovering vegetarian’, I was delighted to hear that his current focus (among about 15 businesses he’s involved with) is Organic Beef! I’ve been struggling with eating beef lately but this gave me new hope! Roo has been my main source of red meat when I do eat it, and in Tassie last weekend, wallaby!

Interestingly enough at KPI event on Monday I met a woman who is doing paleo skin care, using organic beef tallow, a product of the beef industry that’s gone out of favour so is a good use of it from what I can see!

Another thing about being 43 is the laugh lines and smile creases that are making grooves in my face. I don’t mind them for the most part but when I want to do something nice for my skin it’s a no brainer, Integrity Cosmetics Serum is my absolute favourite! I feel nourished just smelling it, but I’m also aware of the quality of what goes into it. I worked for Tracey, founder of Integrity Cosmetics a few years ago and learned a lot about what the stuff is made of. Tracey has big visions of a better world and aligns her business practices with these visions by supporting organic producers, many from Tassie and always as local as possible.

TS 600x476AURORA-2Another highlight of the year is getting my logo! I’m thrilled to bits about working with Bodhi Designs to create a logo with layers of my fave shades of blue. I also worked with Alina Leang to have a set of branding guidelines that utilised the logo to establish my brand. This looks like a range of practical guide for tone, colour, font etc, to assist anyone working with me from a marketing, social media or internet profile perspective.

It was great to work with Ostii of HostGreener to create my new website and hear him say, “I love working with people who have branding guidelines,” when I told him I had them. Speaking of which if you need website hosting, Host Greener is a local web hosting provider that uses all renewable energy to provide their service, Ostii also teaches classes to empower entrepreneurs to do their own websites. I LOVED working with him, and was amazed that we could create a fully functioning website in 7 hours over two sessions! I was responsible for all the content and images but we worked hard to get it done and my site was live by the end of it! I was pretty happy and glad I made the decision to let go of Mindbody and Aurora LiveEdit.

I love the webs we weave, the threads and themes emerging here. I love supporting businesses doing good things for the planet. All of these links are people I’ve dealt with directly and have respect for. The links are not affiliate links although I am not adverse to the idea and may do that down the track. There are plenty more businesses I support and perhaps will write more about in the future. (I’d love to hear what you’d like me to write about in the comments.)

If you’re reading this, you have some connection to me and are likely to have some level of trust in me and I hope that you’ll utilise that as well as trust your own judgement about what is right for you. I’m also open to any questions you have about these businesses.

So this is day one of being 43. Pretty good so far, here’s to a great year! Thanks for being with me on this journey!