Reflections on 2016

This year, I have mixed feelings about. There were lots of great things, lots of struggle, and everything in between.
Over the last week or so, my reflections on the year have explored these highlights and challenges. The key things to share are:
  • Though I’m constantly changing, this year feels different, I know I’m a different person from who I was at this time last year.
  • I lost myself in others ideas of what to do without checking in with myself.
  • I put my own needs aside and didn’t realise that I was deeply unhappy. It took the words of a good friend to help me see how much I was hurting and to acknowledge that pain.
  • My health was better this year than last, despite a few hiccups, a lost biopsy and some weight gain. Cancer seemed to become prevalent in those around me and in my family. It helped me appreciate my own health and inspired a commitment to preserve it.
  • I am a flower freak. I love flowers and sharing images of flowers and am finally ready to come out of the closet as a flower freak. I don’t need to hide it, be ashamed of it, or pretend it’s only a cerebral interest. It’s a source of joy and delight in the image, sometimes the scent and the ability to share the sights I see across the globe.
  • This year I got what I wanted. I got a job that is meaningful, a good use of my skills and where I work a 7 day fortnight, so I can still run my business as well.
  • I worked with some amazing people this year, I was asked back by a team building client from 2009. I got some incredibly affirming feedback from a coaching client from 2013.
Oh yeah, I wrote a book. Hardly touched it once I finished reviewing the first manuscript but I’m back on it. Which leads me to the other huge accomplishment. Tall Poppy was released in November and now has 8 episodes including my own story, a snapshot of the journey from activist to entrepreneur. I got to watch my new house being built, found an awesome developer for our current property and made some big adult decisions.
This year on it’s own has been decent, in comparison to 2015 not as good. Next year, I have some intentions to provide direction but my goals are far less specific and more about improving my relationship with myself, honouring myself holistically, my desires, my health, my body. All of my rejected selves, my devalued selves, and bringing more wholeness and integration to my life in general.