Delayed Gratification

When circumstances beyond your control mean you have to wait to sell your house, it means mowing the lawn and pulling weeds on a day you’d rather be enjoying the sunshine in a more leisurely way.

We’re still waiting for planning permits for our old house. Once we get them, we will put it on the market and sell with plans. We let go of the idea of going through with the development after such significant delays. Paying two mortgages was only meant to be for a short time and it’s been prolonged more than we anticipated. So we’ve rented it out so we can at least cover part of the costs of still owning it.

So after saying goodbye to the lawn and fruit trees, we said hello to them again today and spent a few hours getting it looking respectable. I will be SO glad when we no longer own it and are not responsible for mowing the lawn. Did I mention how much I hate lawns?

So until then I will wait for the slower than molasses planning permit to be approved and do the things that go with owning the house. It’s not how we planned things to be but it is what it is.


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