MYAN Conference

I was at the MYAN conference today, that’s the Multicultural Youth Australia Network which is the national body of the organisation I work for, CMY, the Centre for Multicultural Youth.
I was asked to help with the world cafe being run by master facilitator and sector development lead for CMY, Linette Harriot.

There were close to 70 people in the room and we had over a dozen tables of young people, youth workers, education and employment professionals. The topic was education to employment. We had a handful of panellists sharing their experiences before we turned to the group and got them to discuss the issue of what it takes for young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds to successfully transition from education to employment.

The discussion was lively and the buzz in the room was exciting to be around. We had very astute and proactive volunteers helping out as well. One noted a table that was having discussion that was really going beyond surface ideas.

One of the stand out comments for me was a representative from an innovative and highly successful employment service that noted the important difference between education being outcome focused, you do the work, you get an outcome, to employment which is probability focused, you can apply for a job it’s not a given that you’ll get it. And they’re likely to face additional barriers with both unconscious bias and overt racism.


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