Stage Performance

What does a 5 year old’s dance performance and public speaking have to do with eachother? Having attended the dance performance yesterday, something the instructor said made an impression. She said something about developing the confidence of the students.

This brought to mind the participants of the program I ran for CMY last year. Many of them had never done any public speaking so when it came time to pitch their business on stage at a performance hall, many of them freaked out. Even though we arranged for them to come and try the stage out for a mini-practice run before the big night, there were a lot of nerves. Making sure walking up on stage to pitch wasn’t their first experience of the lectern wasn’t enough to calm them.

But if you can imagine your first experience of being on stage at 5 years old and having regular exposure to this kind of thing at a young age, you might not be so nervous at the graduation of your entrepreneur program when you join your fellow classmates to pitch your business.

It made me think how lucky Lily is to have the chance to dance her heart out with a big group of girls her age and older, to test out her stage legs. Food for thought.


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