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Audacious Leadership is the business I started in 2009. It is in transition, the name I no longer use and, currently all professional information will be held at

I work with teams to generate collective intelligence and also do¬†1:1 coaching for at the intersection of personal growth and professional development. I love working with entrepreneurs and those seeking to earn a living doing what they love. It’s not always an easy journey and I have learned a heluva lot about the process in my life.

If you want to work with me, I’m always up for a chat. I work with people who are committed to making a difference in the world and willing to face their own shadow to develop their own self-leadership. I help people go beyond the stress and chaos of the everyday to access the wise part of ourselves that knows. We work together to illuminate your path forward. My coaching process is well suited for people who feel stuck have a decision to make, have done a fair bit of their own personal inquiry, have plenty of tools to use but either aren’t using them or it’s not making the difference¬†they know is possible.

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2 thoughts on “Audacious Leadership

  1. Hi Tathra,
    I’ve just come back from the Seven Sisters Festival, where I par-took in the very powerful Truth Mandala workshop with you and Wendy. Wow, I had no idea what to expect, and was very moved by the experience. I was making some notes for myself about the representation of emotions on the mandala itself and just wondered if you can confirm.
    Leaves- represented sorrow
    Stick- represented anger
    Pillow- represented frustration or any other emotion
    Empty wooden bowl- represented overwhelming?
    Stone- represented fear
    I thought what a gift it was to enter that space and explore what it was that the body felt and wanted to express. And i thought how clever that those all actually represented a flip-side or positive aspect to how we go back into the world. I can’t remember what all the positive attributes were, can you pass those along?
    Thank you again, for creating a platform and holding the space to get to the core and express our inner truth. This and many of the other workshops really re-awakened something in me and gratitude spills from me.

    • Hi Gabriella,

      Thanks for your feedback about the workshop. We were delighted to be able to offer the Truth Mandala at the Seven Sisters Festival. What a wonderful event!
      You’re very close on what the objects represent.
      Leaves – grief and sadness
      Stick – anger
      Bowl – Emptiness, numbness, overwhelm
      Stone – Fear

      Flip Side
      Leaves – Love for what we grieve
      Stick – Passion for justice
      Bowl – Space for possibility
      Fear – Courage to speak the fear and move through it

      I highly recommend looking at Joanna Macy’s website.
      And the site dedicated to the work that reconnects is :

      Wendy and I are open to requests to run Truth Mandala’s or other Work that Reconnects or Deep Ecology processes and workshops.
      Feel free to get in touch as you wish.

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