Xmas is Coming

Not long before we have Christmas Lunch at our new place for the first time. I’ve been reflecting a bit about this given it’s not something I celebrate and the animosity I have toward the consumerist frenzy it’s become. The waste from obligated giving is sickening. Don’t even get me started on that.

So not surprisingly, I’m not usually one for Christmas time, it doesn’t mean much to me other than a chance to be with family and eat great food. This is the first Christmas in our new place so I’ve been keen to have it here and not go away for the occasion. The most part of the last 8 years or so I have been going to Mildura to celebrate Christmas with Emma’s family.

I remember one time a few years ago, asking what I could do to help, Rita hadn’t had time to put the decorations on the tree so, given I’d had a fair bit of experience in the past, I was quite happy to put these old skills to work. I was a bit surprised that it actually brought back memories of decorating the tree with my mom and my brother in Canada when I was younger. There was a familiarity that went beyond the mechanics of draping a tree with tinsel.

This year we’re looking for an alternative to a Christmas tree per se, Emma has sent me pics of pineapples decorated like Christmas trees, books stacked to look like a snowman and reindeer in festive decor. I’m quite happy to have an unconventional approach, it’s how I roll. We’ve even looked at inflatable tree’s that require nothing but air and a bit of space, oh and a spare power outlet to plug in, which are in short supply in our living room. So that may not work. I’d much rather use something we already have or something that doesn’t involve waste, like the pineapple.

I’m keen to make the most of it despite the mixed feelings I have around the whole Christmas thing. I haven’t quite gotten to giving myself permission to enjoy it just yet, I’m still cranky and annoyed but don’t want to bring this to my family gathering either. There’s no getting away from the fact that I will be celebrating it and being grateful for my new home. So I’ve got a couple of weeks to shift it. Here’s my public declaration that I will.



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Day 21 : What I’ve learned after 3 weeks

It’s been three weeks since I started this Self Love Challenge. Every day is a new day of learning. Here are some of the things I’m present to at the moment:

  • The different parts of me are becoming more apparent as I continue to embark on this journey, some want to sabotage my efforts and others connect me to the essence of who I am.
  • Working with these parts is a continual journey and there is always something to learn from them each time they surface.
  • Even when it feels like I could always do more, the fact that I’ve stuck with it this far is worth celebrating!
  • Making the practices my own, such as connecting the mantra to the steps I take on my walks, is an important way to personalise and sustain the process.
  • Being honest about when things are hard is self loving.
  • There is a lot of space to take this process deeper and there is plenty of time to do that, it doesn’t end when January ends.
  • Mastering self love is a life long learning.

Day 13 : Practices, Celebration and a Meditation

I’m so grateful for the time I have in the morning to practise the “I love myself” mantra, especially before getting out of bed! It seems the best time of day to get it happening. I didn’t get yoga or meditation in today. I was out changing the duck water before anything so we could beat the heat and head early to the zoo with my partner’s sister, her daughter and bf. Before we left, I glanced in the mirror to regard myself fondly, but really it felt awkward and contrived. Lots more practice is called for on that one! Self Love daily ritual

A small self care victory I’m happy about is not getting sunburnt after two days of outdoor events. Zoo today and Midsumma Carnival yesterday. Sufficient sunscreen and balancing being in the sun and shade. Yeah, go me! Really enjoyed my time at both, saw lots of crazy and fun people at Carnival and really amazing creatures at the Zoo. I’m not normally a fan of Zoo’s but this one is remarkably impressive with their conservation ethic and educating the public about the risks human activity pose to animals. SO well done! Absolutely worthwhile.

What else is there to say about self love today? How about sharing the meditation suggested in “Love yourself like your life depends on it“? Find a piece of music you like that is soothing, relaxing and is long enough to give you a chance to chill, 7 minutes is what Kamal suggests. I prefer 10 min and I don’t generally use music. Go with what works for you. The method: Breathe in the “I love myself” mantra and breathe out anything that isn’t that. When your mind wanders, be gentle with yourself and bring the focus back to your breath. Nice and simple. This is my condensed interpretation, I really recommend just getting the ebook and getting the full story.