45 for 45 Day One

I turned 45 yesterday. I was at Liat’s Open Floor 5 Rhythms dance in the morning fresh off the night before where we had a celebration at our new home. It was a housewarming and birthday gathering of friends and family which was really lovely. At dance had a lot on my mind and when I’m in that space my mind and body open up completely. I had a few thoughts about sharing more of myself and my daily experience.

So here we are, on day one of 45 days to commemorate my 45 trips around the sun! Today I had my first float in about 5 months. I really miss it. With all the chaos of moving house, I couldn’t commit to any times that might have to be changed at short notice with our pending house settlement. Since we moved in, I’ve been settling into a new normal.

Being able to float in the tank this morning was a welcome experience. I’ve been struggling to sleep the last few weeks and tho I had a great sleep between the party and dance the following night was not as good. They say an hour in the tank is worth about two hours of sleep, which is SO needed right now.Floatation-tank

Feeling my body relax completely, floating in 800lbs of salt water was dreamy. Total stillness, darkness an silence. I actually felt sad when the music came on, signaling 5 minutes left. I’ve had a couple of floats where I anticipated the end of the session, not as able to relax as I’d like. But today my body was keen for the relaxation. More of this to come!